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  Vision and Values  


Through our innovation and growth we will be a powerful source of endless possibilities.


We create unrivalled value for all stakeholders of our diversified resources business
through our processes, thinking and passion.

  Exxaro believes in creating leaders at every level, allowing the employee the freedom to grow & develop  
  values -Short-wall mining section at Matla mine, Mpumalanga  
  Short-wall mining section at Matla mine, Mpumalanga  
EMPOWERED TO GROW AND CONTRIBUTE EMPOWERED TO GROW AND Developing and deploying our knowledge and ingenuity to achieve our vision. We focus on people, create freedom to innovate and collaborate, respect individuality, have fun and rise to challenges.

We succeed together through a climate of respect andequality.

COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE   COMMITTED TO EXCELENCE   We take ownership, provide visible leadership and encourage collaboration, commitment and creativity for the benefi t of all.

We speak the truth and accept accountability for our actions.


Exxaro produces an integrated annual report which details our economic, social and environmental performance. Feedback from consultation with stakeholders has determined the structure of this report, and cross-referencing guides readers to their particular areas of interest.