The Bidvest Group Limited
Annual report 2008
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Sustainable development

This is the fifth year that Bidvest has reported on sustainability issues. Previously, Bidvest issued separate sustainability reports, but this year has chosen to integrate sustainability into its annual report.

This section on the annual report, Sustainable development is concerned primarily with social, environmental and Group sustainability issues – the management of sustainability, transformation, the quest for talent, HIV/Aids and our response to environmental challenges. Each divisional report covers economic, marketplace factors and sustainability issues specific to that division. For a complete assessment of Group sustainability issues, it is imperative that the review of operations and other relevant sections in the annual report are read.

Sustainable development is integrated within the annual report and reported in the following broad areas.

1 Written into these sections of the annual report :-
our group in brief, chairman's, chief executive's and divisional reviews.
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2 Within the annual report section - Sustainability at Bidvest.
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3 Additional sustainability information to that contained in the annual report.
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