Annual Financial Statements
  Construction of Nelson Mandela Bay Multipurpose Stadium in Port Elizabeth

(Joint venture with Interbeton bv)

Project description:

Construction of the King Protea-inspired 47 500-seater stadium in the
Nelson Mandela Bay metropolitan area.

  Volume of concrete: 47 000 m3   Structural steel: 2 400 tons
  Number of bricks: 2 000 000   Contract duration: 26 months
  Total employment created: 2 504 jobs    
When we started working on the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium,
a lot of people thought we wouldn’t complete the construction on time.
But we did, a full year before we host the greatest tournament in the world.



  1: Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth, Grinaker-LTA, 2: Soccer City, Johannesburg, Grinaker-LTA.

  The annual financial statements and Group annual financial statements which appear here were approved by the
  directors on 7 September 2009 and are signed on their behalf.


  AWB Band

  7 September 2009


WR Jardine
Chief executive officer

7 September 2009