Operational development

Transformation vision
Transformation is at the core of how we do business as it enables us to lead Scaw Metals Group as an innovative company with a great future that benefits all its stakeholders.

During this year the business launched an employee engagement plan for all local sites. The aim was to ensure operational development through four key facets:

  • Management buy-in
  • Engagement with all employees
  • Team leader training
  • Ensuring a cultural change in the behaviour of employees

This began with a roadshow conducted by the CEO together with executives of operations, human resources and public affairs and communications. A further rollout will continue well into the new financial year and include the new Scaw values.

Our values
Our values as they stand today are premised on our core belief that the behaviour within will lead to optimal output and in turn continue driving the ethos and performance that we seek as a group.


The safety and well-being of our teams remain our top priority and we are therefore fully committed to achieving a zero harm work environment

  • Comprehensive SHE programme aligned with the international SHE standards ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

Care and respect

Compassion and tolerance underpin the way we treat each other and all external stakeholders, regardless of the circumstances

  • Respectful interactions
  • Culture of equality
  • Holistic, integrated and sustainable occupational healthcare system for all employees


We understand that taking complete ownership for what we do and consistently delivering on our promises to all stakeholders are critical to sustaining our business

  • Culture of taking responsibility, transparency and taking pride in work
  • Performance management plans in place for employees. These are reviewed periodically during the course of the year


We support each other and drive growth by sharing ideas and knowledge

  • Develop, empower and enable our people (392 000 hours of training in FY16)
  • Promote workplace diversity
  • Increasing activity for the women’s forum
  • Encourage debate and trust in the abilities and contributions of others

Continuous improvement

Our commitment to innovation for improved product quality and operational efficiency means we are able to perform optimally

  • Foster, recognise and reward innovation and development
  • Develop, empower and enable our people (392 000 hours of training in FY16)
  • Promote workplace diversity
  • Work hard and play hard together
  • Help our people thrive

Customer satisfaction

A priority is to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers by providing an excellent customer experience and world-class steel products and value-added services

  • Understand and exceed our consumers' needs
  • Deliver consistently and on time
  • Address customer feedback


We strive to produce good quality products and aim to understand how our actions impact the final product

  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of production processes and quality systems
  • Appropriate corrective action to ensure continuous improvement and compliance with customer specifications