ACSR Aluminium conductor steel reinforced
Aids Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
AMP Advanced management programme
ART Antiretroviral treatment
AVE Advertising value equivalent
B-BBEE Broad-based black economic empowerment
BEE Black economic empowerment
the BEE consortium Shanduka Resources Proprietary Limited, Izingwe Holdings Proprietary Limited and Southern Palace Group of Companies Proprietary Limited, which owns 21% of Scaw
BFMDP Black female management development programme
BIA Business impact analysis
the Board The Board of Directors of Scaw South Africa Proprietary Limited
capex Capital expenditure
CARES UK Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steels
CCI Chamber of Commerce and Industry
CEO Chief Executive Officer at Scaw, Markus Hannemann
CESA Consulting Engineers South Africa
CET The Chamber of Engineering Technology
CFO Chief Financial Officer at Scaw, Patrick Malaza
CIPS Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply
CLASA Corporate Lawyers Association of South Africa
CMT Crisis management team
CNC Computer aided machining
COSATU Congress of South African Trade Unions
CPT Centre for Polymer Technology
CRM Customer relationship management
CSI Corporate social investment
CSIR Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
the current year The year ending 31 March 2017
CWI Consolidated Wire Industries
DEA Department of Environmental Affairs
DED Department of Economic Development
DFI Development Finance Institution
DID Department of Infrastructure Development
DNV Det Norske Veritas
DNW Distribution network
DQS DQS South Africa, an independent and competent management partner
DRI Plant located at Union Junction
DTI Department of Trade and Industry
DWS Department of Water and Sanitation
EBITDA Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation
ECSA Engineering Council of South Africa
EE Employment equity
EIUG The Energy Intensive User Group of Southern Africa
EMEs Exempted micro-enterprises
ERM Enterprise risk management
ESOP Employee share ownership plan
ETDP Education, training and development practices
Exco Executive Committee of Scaw
FRS Fatal Risks Standards
FY Financial year
GCRA Gauteng City Region Academy
GDARD Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
GDP Gross domestic product
GE General Electric
GETC General Education and Training Certificate
GHG Greenhouse gas
GRI Global Reporting Initiative
HCBP High chrome ball plant
HDSA Historically disadvantaged South African/s
HIRA Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
HIV Human immunodeficiency virus
IBC Inside back cover of this integrated annual report
ICME Institute of Cast Metals Engineers
IDC Industrial Development Corporation (of South Africa), the largest state-owned national development finance institution and a majority shareholder in Scaw
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
IoDSA The Institute of Directors of Southern Africa NPC
IOM3 SA The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
IOSM Institute of Safety Management
IR Industrial relations
IRBA Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors
ISO International Organisation for Standardisation
ISPA Iron and Steel Producers Association
IT Information technology
ITAC International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa
ITSC Information Technology steering committee
JSE Johannesburg Stock Exchange
King III King Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa, 2009
KPI Key performance indicator
LTI Lost-time injury
LTIFR Lost-time injury frequency rate
MEIBC Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council
MEWUSA Metal and Electrical Workers Union of South Africa
merSETA Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority
MICSETA Media, Information and Communication Technologies Seta
MOI Memorandum of incorporation
MQA Mining Quality Authority
MRP Manufacturing resource planning
MVA Reference installations for Tamini furnace transformers in South Africa
NEEC National Employment Equity Committee
NERA National Empowerment Rating Agency
NIHL Noise induced hearing loss
NQF National Qualifications Framework
NUMSA National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa
OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series
PC Pre-stressed concrete
Pig iron Crude iron from the blast furnace, refined to produce steel
PLC Programmable logic controller
PPE Personal protection equipment
PPPFA Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act
PRP Peer review programme
QA Quality assurance
QSEs Qualifying small enterprise
R&D Research and development
RSI Rand Scrap Iron
SABS South African Bureau of Standards
SAEFA South African Engineers and Founders Association
SAEWA South African Equity Workers Association
SAICA South African Institute of Chartered Accountants
SAIE Southern African Institute of Industrial Engineering
SAIF South African Institute of Foundrymen
SAIMechE The South African Institute of Mechanical Engineering
SAIOSH South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
SAISI South African Iron and Steel Institute
SAISC South African Institute of Steel Construction
SAIW Southern African Institute of Welding
SANAS South African National Accreditation System
SAP Systems, applications and products
SAPA South African Payroll Association
SAPICS South African Production and Inventory Control Society
SAQA South African Qualifications Authority
SAWA South African Wire Association
Scaw South Africa Scaw South Africa Proprietary Limited, comprising all local operating divisions: Grinding Metal, Wire Rod Products, Rolled Products, Cast Products, as well as Scaw Ghana Limited and Ozz International Limited (BVI), including Crushing Equipment Australia
Scaw Metals Group Scaw Metals Group Proprietary Limited, comprising Scaw South Africa Proprietary Limited
SEFA Small Enterprise Finance Agency
SEIFSA Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of South Africa
SETA Small Enterprise Training Agency
SHE Safety, health and environment
SHE plan Safety, health and environment management plan
SHEQ Safety, health, environment and quality
SPD Scrap Processing division
SLAs ervice level agreement
SNG SizweNtsalubaGobodo
SWF Scaw women’s forum
SWR Steel Wire Rope
TCS Total control systems
TETA Transport, Education Training Authority
TRIFR Total recordable injury frequency rate
UASA United Association of South Africa
UJ University of Johannesburg
Union Junction operations The various operations at the Union Junction site, Germiston
VAR Volt-ampere reactive
VCT Voluntary counselling and testing
VFL Visible felt leadership: At Scaw executives and senior management are expected to lead by example in adopting a zero harm mindset and demonstrating the desired visible leadership behaviours that will drive continuous improvement in safety performance
WCap Winfield Capital Corporation
W&S Wire and Strand
year under review The year ended 31 March 2016