Case study

Engaging openly

Two of our values, “teamwork” and “care and respect”, help Scaw foster a culture of proactive and open employee engagement. The significance of this came sharply to the fore in the year with the restructuring of our business as a result of tough economic conditions.

This specific employee engagement demonstrates the introduction of open communication with our employees. It began with workshops for the full management team which examined the extent of compassion for remaining employees. It emerged from these workshops that management has an understanding that active engagement for the group is critical for Scaw to remain sustainable.

Management agreed to build a culture of fairness and shared purpose and values, underpinned by good business practices and a sustainable value chain. They also examined trends and opportunities to help build a sustainable Scaw.

The workshops emphasised working as a cohesive team and buy-in to the “one team; one vision” principle will be reinforced throughout the year ahead. Management understands that to achieve this it needs to build trust across hierarchies, levels and races to foster comradeship and unlock the great pride our workers feel in working for Scaw. We also concluded that we must create more opportunity for social engagement.

This approach requires personal commitment and all employees are given the chance to engage in this dialogue. The programme will be extended down and across the group through small discussion groups aimed at establishing an inspired team that believes an attractive future is possible. The benefits to employees of Scaw’s business case will be explained and they will be encouraged to make a commitment to support and adopt the initiative.

In the months ahead, we will roll out an internal communication message to underpin this. The message will answer the big “what’s in it for me?” question and present all facts honestly while crafting an effective employee value proposition.

We have adopted the approach of our transformation project, Siyaphambili, which means we are moving forward, and came up with the catchphrase Sihamba Phambili, we are leading. This advances the group from moving forward with internal transformation to taking leadership in our competitive landscape and gaining market leadership in all that we do.