Acting sustainably

Scaw is committed to being a good corporate citizen by creating social value to make a meaningful change in South Africa. The company invests and allocates resources to this end and continually tries to improve the quality of life in the communities in which we operate, be this in education, health or sports development.

Scaw actively supports the development of local businesses with strong enterprise and supplier development partnerships in place. The company also regards the protection of the environment in our areas of operation as a priority.

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A first mover:
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steel manufacturer in South Africa

Produced 455 kt of steel (FY15: 521 kt)

We employ over 4 200 permanent people (FY15: 5 500)

482 trainees at Scaw

We conducted over 392 000 hours of training in FY16 (FY15: 379 000)

We spent R44,4 million on training and skills development (FY15: R20,9 million)

We were awarded the SEIFSA Best Artisan Programme Supports government’s priority of developing technical and artisan skills as well as the objectives of the National Youth and National Skills Accords

A large majority of the photos used in this report are of women working at Scaw

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We support over 560 small, medium and macro‑enterprises

We invested R1,5 million in corporate social investment

We awarded bursaries worth R934 772 (FY15: R539 736)

We invested R3,85 million in enterprise and supplier development

We spent R4 billion discretionary spend with more than 2 800 suppliers

Scaw procures from 152 black‑owned businesses

Scaw spent R366 million on these black‑owned businesses

Scaw procures from 68 black women‑owned businesses

Scaw spent R458 million on these black women‑owned businesses

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We were awarded the SEIFSA Best SHE Programme for the Steel Wire Ropes site

We had zero fatalities

18 sites recorded zero LTIs during past financial year

Our sustainable SHE programme continued to deliver improvements

We continued our R210 million emission control project at Union Junction Cast Products plant

All our provisional emission licences were converted to final licences

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R1,2 billion value added

R18,3 million paid to taxes and local metros (FY15: R17,4 million)

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