Value added statement
for the year ended 29 February 2016

Value creation

Value creation for stakeholders in purely financial terms is readily measurable and is recorded in the value added statement. Of equal importance though are the ways Datatec adds value to the sustainable development of its customers, employees and other stakeholders, in ways which are less readily represented in financial terms.

During FY16, Datatec added
US$783 million of value
(FY15: US$869 million),
which was distributed among key stakeholders as shown below:

81% (FY15: 79%)
of the value created was distributed to employees in the form of salaries, wages and benefits.

It should be noted that this element represents the gross payments to employees. Employee tax and social taxes are deducted from this in accordance with the laws of the jurisdictions in which the employees are employed and remitted to the governments concerned in a secondary distribution of the value generated from Datatec’s operations.

17 cents (FY15: 17 cents)
dividend per share maintained for fourth consecutive year

5% (FY15: 6%)
of the value created was distributed directly to governments in the jurisdictions in which the Group operates.

3% (FY15: 3%)
of the value created was paid to the Group’s providers of loan capital in the form of interest payments.

11% (FY15: 12%)
of the value created during FY16 was retained in the Group for reinvestment to sustain and expand the business.

Revenue    6 454 782  6 443 536  
Other income not included in revenue:       
Interest received    3 670  4 324  
Less: Paid to suppliers for materials and services    (5 675 345) (5 579 279)
Total value added    783 107  868 581 
Distributed as follows:       
Salaries, wages and benefits    632 678  687 566  
Providers of capital       
Financing costs    27 549  21 930  
Taxation – current    36 588  53 081  
Total value distributed    696 815  762 577  
Portion of value reinvested to sustain and expand the business       
Depreciation and amortisation    51 504  48 635  
Goodwill adjustments       
Deferred taxation    3 368  (1 547)
Minorities’ interests    (8 529) (14 856)
Equity holders of the parent    39 949  73 772  
Total value distributed and reinvested    783 107  868 581  

Value added statement

  • Employees
  • Providers of capital
  • Government
  • Reinvested in the Group