Our people

Datatec employs over 8 500 employees across more than 70 countries. The Group strives to attract and retain employees of the highest calibre to uphold performance and build sustainability, and in parallel prioritises optimal working conditions and opportunities for development. The Group seeks to develop skills and talent inherent in its workforce.

The Group is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to a working environment that is free from discrimination in every region in which it operates. The divisions accord completely with this commitment. All reported incidents are investigated and if substantiated, a disciplinary enquiry will be convened, the outcome of which may lead to termination of employment.


Westcon-Comstor’s technological expertise, performance excellence and years of partner success are all attributable to a very down to earth conviction. It is about hiring and developing the best people – dedicated individuals and teams with a strong understanding of their roles, responsibilities and contributions worldwide. The commitment to quality and value spans all operations and geographies – a driving force that combines unique skills in delivering, supporting and leading IT innovation.

Regional human resource executives take the helm in ensuring exceptional employee relations across all locations, in accordance with WestconGroup CEO Dolph Westerbos’ global direction and strategy. In addition to adhering to the employment laws of each country of operation, the company maintains consistent and transparent diversity policies across all markets served.

High standards are upheld through steadfast practices that go beyond performance reviews and other human resources basics. Training makes a difference, keeping Westcon-Comstor on the cutting edge at a time of unprecedented technological transformation. Corresponding programmes include such topics as New Hire Training and “The Westcon-Comstor Way,” a management training programme that centres on coaching, mentoring and leading through adversity. Anti-bribery and corruption training is required of all employees. Skills development is also offered in the areas of sales effectiveness, territorial account management, customer service and general communications.

The overarching commitment to excellence at Westcon-Comstor also correlates to its mentor programme, currently offered to high-potential Westcon-Comstor employees. These associates are matched with a senior leader in the business for a period of six months, giving participants a dynamic opportunity to develop identified skills. Certain regions also offer a high-potential programme internally. In addition, it has established Westcon-Comstor Academy, which offers various online development programmes to employees.

Westcon-Comstor also conducts an annual talent review for the executive compensation programme population, which represents approximately 100 of its leaders. In December, the executive leadership team and regional human resources leaders meet to discuss the performance and potential of these individuals. Appropriate development plans are developed and put in place. This year, the company started an annual succession planning review for these key business leaders as well.


Logicalis recognises that its people are critical to the ongoing success of the business and, by striving to attract the best talent, develop and reward its people for great performance and engage effectively with them, Logicalis aims to optimise the performance of the business.

In Logicalis, the focus on advanced technologies requires a high level of technical expertise, and management works closely with its vendors to ensure that employees are trained appropriately and have the necessary accreditations. In the interests of the long-term sustainability of the business and in order to retain some of the top leadership talent, Logicalis has launched a group-wide leadership development programme in FY17, aimed at developing senior leaders of the future. The programme focuses on developing the leader’s self-awareness, and explores key leadership competencies such as customer insight, strategic thinking and change leadership.

Logicalis also has an initiative to develop the employees’ business and people skills, to equip them with some critical skills in order to be more effective in their roles; such as delivering great customer service and managing people successfully.

Logicalis has a culture of meritocracy where great performance is rewarded. The majority of employees at Logicalis have performance objectives which are linked to the strategy of the local business. Talent and succession management reviews of the leadership team in each business are held annually, to focus on the retention of top talent and effective succession management.

Logicalis aims to be an employer of choice within the technology industry, attracting, developing and retaining the best talent. To assess what its employees think of the business, Logicalis conducted its first group-wide employee engagement survey in FY15, where many improvements were made within the different operations, as well as for example at a group-wide level, the social collaboration tool “Logicalis Connected” was launched to encourage communication and the sharing of ideas across the business. The next survey will take place in June 2016.

In FY17, Logicalis will formally launch an international mobility programme, to enable leadership and technical expertise to be moved around the business, to solve particular challenges and also to offer enriching development opportunities to employees. A further priority in FY17 is to start developing a more standardised approach across the business to career bands and career paths, which can support the retention of talent, as employees can then understand how they can develop long-term careers at Logicalis.

Human resource practices and policies ensure that all employees, wherever they work, whatever their role, are treated equally, fairly and respectfully at all times. Logicalis maintains consistent and transparent diversity policies across all its markets. All employees within Logicalis annually complete an online Code of Conduct training course to remind them of the importance of integrity to the success of the business.


The companies within the Consulting division are equal opportunity employers, with policies in place to ensure that all employees and job applicants are treated fairly and equally regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, age, disability or union membership status. Consulting conducts an annual staff survey. The results of the survey for the year indicated that employees consider the division to be upholding fair and equal treatment, that their opinions are respected and sought out and that diversity is encouraged.

At Analysys Mason and Mason Advisory, all employees receive regular performance and career development reviews. The companies have training frameworks for each grade. Individuals and their line managers agree, at the annual performance reviews, which training they will attend over the coming year. When individuals receive training or gain experience on project work, the skills databases are updated, which aids resource allocation on projects and assists in identifying where additional training or skills may be needed within the companies. The training provided encompasses IT skills, personal development, project management and financial understanding. In addition, the companies provide financial assistance for training towards professional accreditations such as ACCA, CIPD, CISSP, CFA and MBA.


In line with South African legislation, Datatec is required to comply with the Codes of Good Practice on BEE issued by the Department of Trade and Industry (“the Codes”), as well as the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (“BBBEE”) Act 53 of 2003. In terms of this, the South African-based operations are required to comply with the Codes and are measured in terms of black participation on seven scorecard elements, namely ownership, management control, employment equity, skills development, preferential procurement, enterprise development and socioeconomic development.

Westcon Comztek (Pty) Ltd currently enjoys Level 4 BBBEE status, giving its customers 100% spend recognition on their respective scorecards. Annual BBBEE audits are performed by accredited BBBEE verification agents. Westcon Comztek (Pty) Ltd employed Empowerlogic (Pty) Ltd to perform the latest audit.