Our evolution

Datatec history

  • 1986 Datatec established
  • 1994 Listed on the JSE.
  • 1995 PIPEX SA established.

    Established UUNET Internet Africa (Pty) Ltd as joint venture with UUNET Technologies.
  • 1997 Acquired Logical Networks plc – foundation of Integration division.
  • 1998 Acquired US distributor Westcon Inc. – foundation of Technology division.
  • 1999 Acquired Mason Communications – foundation of Consulting division.
  • 2000 Datatec’s 76% stake in UUNET SA (Pty) Ltd sold to WorldCom.
  • 2002 WestconGroup acquired Landis Business Partner expanding its presence in Europe.
  • 2004 Analysys Mason Group formed from the merger of the Mason Group and Analysys Consulting and Research, expanding Datatec’s global footprint in TMT consulting.
  • 2005 Logicalis’ acquisitions enhanced its position as a strategic IBM partner in the US and UK.
  • 2006 Listed on AIM in London.
  • 2007 WestconGroup acquired NOXS and Crane Telecommunications Group Limited, opening up new opportunities in security, convergence and mobility in Europe.
  • 2008 Logicalis merged its existing South American operations with PromonTecnologia, Brazil, making Logicalis the largest network integrator in South America.
  • 2009 WestconGroup signed a global distribution agreement with Cisco.

Industry history

Did you know?
  • 1965: First email sent at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • 1971: Erna Schneider Hoover invent a computerized switching system for telephone traffic and the 8-inch floppy disk removable storage medium for computers is introduced
  • 1975: First list servers are introduced
  • 1976: The personal computer (PC) market is born.
  • 1981: Hayes Smartmodem introduced. Nordic Mobile Telephone, the world´s first automatic mobile phone is put into operation
  • 1983:Microsoft Word software is launched.
  • 1989: Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau build the prototype system which became the World Wide Web at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research
  • 1991: Anders Olsson transmits solitary waves through an optical fibre with a data rate of 32 billion bits per second. GSM is put into operation
  • 1993: Mosaic graphical web browser is launched.
  • 1994: Internet radio broadcasting is born.
  • 1996: Motorola StarTAC mobile phone is introduced. It is significantly smaller than any other cell phones on the market
  • 2010 Logicalis acquired NetStar Group, re-entering the Asia-Pacific region. BEE partner, the Mineworkers Investment Company (“MIC”), acquired a stake in Westcon SA.
  • 2011 Datatec celebrated its 25th anniversary.
  • 2012 Datatec Group annual revenue exceeded US$5 billion.

    WestconGroup acquired Afina Group, significantly expanding its presence in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and North Africa.

  • 2013 Logicalis acquired the European operations of 2e2.

    Datatec acquired Comztek Holdings (Pty) Ltd in South Africa and commences merger with Westcon SA in partnership with BEE partner MIC.

  • 2014 Datatec marked 20 years as a listed company on the JSE.
  • 2016 Datatec celebrates 30 years in the ICT industry

    Logicalis makes two acquisitions that not only add scale, but also expand and strengthen the Group’s solutions offering. These include: Advanced Technology Integration Group (“ATIG”) in the US; and Australian ICT services and solutions provider Thomas Duryea.

Industry history

Did you know?
  • 1998:Google is founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin
  • 1999: Salesforce.com pioneers the concept of delivering enterprise applications via a website. The services firm paved the way for both specialist and mainstream software firms to deliver applications over the internet. The term Wi-Fi becomes part of the computing language and becomes accessible to the general public
  • 2002: Amazon Web Services launches a suite of cloud-based services including storage, computation and human intelligence through the Amazon Mechanical Turk.
  • 2004: Facebook is launched and set to become the largest social networking site in the world.
  • 2006: Amazon Web Services launches its Elastic Compute cloud (EC2) as a commercial web service that allows small companies and individuals to rent computers on which to run their own computer applications.
  • 2008: The Internet of Things is born at simply the point in time when more ‘things or objects’ were connected to the internet than people.
  • 2010: The Apple iPad is introduced.
  • 2016: Virtual reality headwear becomes widely available as mainstream consumer electronics.