Group strategy

Datatec’s strategy is to deliver long-term, sustainable and above-average returns to shareholders through portfolio management and the development of its subsidiaries – providing technology solutions and services to targeted customers in identified markets.

The Group provides leadership and sets the direction and strategy for each business, together with divisional management. It identifies potential areas for growth and supports the realisation of growth either organically or through acquisition by allocating capital and financing.

The Group targets revenue growth, EBITDA margins and return on invested capital (“ROIC”) to drive financial returns.

The Group’s decentralised operating model, extensive geographic footprint, positioning across the ICT value chain and strong vendor and customer relationships, combine to create a strategic competitive advantage.

Strategic priorities


  • Target above industry growth
  • Improve operating margins
  • Increase ROIC

Technology Distribution


  • Leverage greater efficiencies
  • Focused portfolio
  • Drive cost management

Integration and managed services


  • Expand digital offerings
  • Develop regional services
  • Drive international leverage

Consulting and research

Analysys Mason

  • Improve scale
  • Grow research practice
  • Customer diversification