Community development

Logicalis US

Logicalis encourages its operating companies in every territory to create initiatives that help improve the quality of life in local communities where they work and live.

Beneficiary   Purpose   Logicalis' contribution FY16   FY16 outcomes
k-12 Education and Children’s Charities Logicalis US works diligently to identify local needs where its time, resources and talents can best serve others and make a lasting impact. The Logicalis US corporate social investment efforts primarily related to providing monetary donations of varying levels as well as Logicalis US employees being involved in a variety of community efforts.
  • Toys for Tots: During a local Salvation Army/Marine Corps Toys for Tots event, the Logicalis team from Bellevue, Washington, helped sort mounds of donated toys into age and gender-appropriate groups destined to become the twinkle in the eye of underprivileged children throughout the Seattle area
  • Food for Thought: In Arizona, the hunger rate stands at nearly 18%, higher than the national average, a statistic that touched the hearts of the dedicated office staff in Logicalis’ Tempe office. Together with associates from Cisco’s State, Local and Education ("SLED") division, Logicalis team members helped St Mary’s Food Bank pack 20 pallets of food – nearly 200 000 meals – for distribution throughout the Tempe and Phoenix areas
  • Bicycles Galore: The ATIG team donated funds to help a local partner purchase and assemble bicycles that will benefit children throughout a number of Ohio communities
  • International Relief: Itself a worldwide organisation, Logicalis US wanted to give something back to the global community by donating to Doctors without Borders, an international medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency medical aid in over 60 countries
  • Technology Solutions: Just as business and IT leaders rely on Logicalis to help them make smart technology decisions, volunteer organisations around the world rely on TechSoup to help them gain access to the technology and information they need to effect change in their organisations and the populations they serve. As a leader in the IT space, Logicalis gladly donated money to help TechSoup put technology solutions in the hands of non-profits, foundations and libraries that need capacity-building resources around the globe
  • A Holiday Meal: For one in seven people in northern Illinois, a special holiday meal is outside the budget – and sadly, out of reach. At Thanksgiving time, the Downers Grove Logicalis office decided to help make this holiday one to remember for thousands of families throughout a 13-county area. In co-operation with northern Illinois Food Bank, the Logicalis team packaged 8.5 tonnes of potatoes and squash as part of a traditional holiday meal to be delivered to 14 000 local families.
Logicalis Asia
Beneficiary   Purpose   Logicalis' contribution FY16   FY16 outcomes
Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (“SWAMI Home”) SWAMI is a voluntary charity organisation for eldercare and the needy. Logicalis Singapore provided voluntary support to SWAMI Home. Logicalis Singapore had about 20 employees who were involved in this volunteering programme with activities that included playing games with the elderly, sponsoring tea break pastries and having a birthday celebration for the elderly who are born in July.
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital is the largest medical facility in Singapore which provides specialist care for women and children. Logicalis Singapore also participated in another volunteering programme to spread some love and joy to the needy children of KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Logicalis Singapore sponsored the kids with a fun-filled morning of activities including movie screening of Ice Age 4, balloon sculpting and a magic show performance.
There were also free giveaways including goodie bags and small gifts for all children so that they got to celebrate Children’s Day with a little more cheer.
Logicalis Ireland
Beneficiary   Purpose   Contribution FY16   FY16 outcomes
Laura Lynn Hospice Provide palliative care and support for children with life-limiting conditions and their families. Their holistic approach to care enables them to support the whole family, allowing parents to be “Mum and Dad” rather than full-time carers. In FY16, a team from Logicalis Ireland took part in a corporate 5km event and in doing so they raised funds for the Laura Lynn Hospice.

The money donated would have provided:

  • Two @Homecare sessions
  • Two music therapy sessions
  • Children’s art materials.
Logicalis SMC
Beneficiary   Purpose   Logicalis' contribution FY16   FY16 outcomes
Dutch KWF Cancer Foundation and the Movember Foundation against prostate cancer

The Dutch Cancer Society (“DCS”) is a nationwide organisation for cancer-related work in the Netherlands.

The Movember Foundation is a global charity committed to men living happier, healthier, longer lives.

Logicalis SMC raised awareness as well as money for these two charities in the Netherlands.

Money raised will help raise awareness and aid cancer research.

Make a difference – clean drinking water at schools in Mbeya, Tanzania

Clean drinking water is unfortunately not available in every country. In Tanzania, a water filter is absolutely necessary. Children who will take part in this project will receive more education about school hygiene and safe drinking water. They learn how to use water filters and “tippy taps” to wash their hands. This way they will have the facility to drink as much clean water as possible which helps them to be healthier. In addition to placing water filters and tippy taps at schools, the project also educates entrepreneurs who can sell water filters. This initiative makes sure that the entire community can benefit from this project.

The contribution for this project is part of a programme called “Wings and Roots”. For every coffee bag Logicalis SMC buys/uses, “Wings and Roots” will donate a small amount to a chosen microproject in Tanzania.

Follow our project at:

In 2016, Logicalis SMC will help schools and communities in Mbeya (Tanzania) and show them how to use water filters and therefore drink more clean water.

Logicalis UK
Beneficiary   Purpose   Logicalis' contribution FY16   FY16 outcomes
Shelter housing and homeless charity Through our advice, support and legal services, the shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness Logicalis raised some money for the Shelter housing and homeless charity. This was from a Christmas raffle and money raised from a rugby world cup predictor competition. Every day, 117 families in Britain become homeless and Logicalis has provided some monetary support to help families have a better life.
Logicalis Latin America
Beneficiary   Purpose   Logicalis' contribution FY16   FY16 outcomes
Projeto Casulo The Casulo is a civil society organisation (“CSO”). Donation of 30 microcomputer desktops. Every day, 120 children and adolescents aged six to 14 years old participate in the Centre for Children and Adolescents (“CCA”), as well as about 100 teenagers, young people and adults in education programmes for work and hundreds of people on projects and community interaction events.
Casa do Zezinho “Casa do Zezinho” is a social non-profit organisation, located in the extreme southern part of São Paulo. It was founded in 1994 with the goal of being a development of space and activities for children and youth from low-income families living in highly vulnerable situations. It started with seven children and now serves annually over 1 000 Zezinhos, children and young people of both sexes, aged between five and 20, who attend public schools in the region and adults up to 84 years. The institution offers supplementary education – art, culture and professional training workshops. Through a partnership programme with Furukawa and Klint shopping platform, PromonLogicalis donated kitchen appliances. The kitchen appliances will be used in the gastronomy course which serves 110 students. The two sewing machines are to be used in sewing courses that the institution offers for 165 students.
Logicalis Germany
Beneficiary   Purpose   Logicalis' contribution FY16   FY16 outcomes
Flüchtlingshilfe Neu-Isenburg Support of refugees staying at refugee camp in Neu-Isenburg as well as helping accepted asylum seekers to integrate to local community. Donation of clothes, household goods, furniture and other things needed to support refugees in the camp and refugees moving to their first own flat in Neu-Isenburg. 700 refugees are living in the Neu-Isenburg refugee camp until they are either accepted as asylum seekers, transferred to another camp or refused. The Flüchtlingshilfe offers support in many kinds of situations like accompanying to a doctor, translation services, leisure activities, integration and contacts to local community and elsewhere.
Logicalis Australia
Beneficiary   Purpose   Logicalis' contribution FY16   FY16 outcomes
CareFlight Magic Mania Events

Their purpose is twofold:

  • To provide a unique day for special needs children who, through no fault of their own, have limited opportunities to be involved with and enjoy such outings
  • To provide funds to support CareFlight’s emergency medical retrieval services and specialist doctors.
Monetary donation. The funding was put towards providing an outing for special needs children and their parent/s or caregiver.

During the year, Analysys Mason donated funds to seven different charities including Red Nose Day, The Rotary Club of Stockport, Save the Rhino Foundation, Coeliac UK, Movember, UNICEF and the Teenage Cancer Trust. Mason Advisory made a contribution to the British Heart Foundation.