Business model

The Group has a decentralised business model with three principal operating divisions (Technology Distribution – WestconGroup; Integration and Managed Services – Logicalis; Consulting and Research – Analysys Mason and Mason Advisory) that are managed as standalone businesses.

The model empowers its divisional management teams to make operational decisions that are best suited to their individual operating needs but within a strategic operating and financial framework set by the Group. The pure-play nature of each operating division also facilitates enhanced operational and financial performance as well as the ability to react faster to technology changes.

The Group’s operating divisions act as industry intermediaries in the ICT supply chain, enabling IT users to gain access to a broad range of advanced technology solutions and professional services in order to implement and maintain secure complex IT networking, unified communication, cloud and data centre infrastructures.

The Group has strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors who outsource specific elements of the supply chain such as distribution, logistics and marketing to value-added distributors like WestconGroup. In addition, vendors also rely on resellers and system integrators like Logicalis to address the highly fragmented end-user customer base who require technical expertise to identify and install complex systems, critical solutions and managed services. The Group’s consulting division not only consults to vendors but also to public and commercial enterprise customers, telecoms, media and technology providers.

The diagram below illustrates Datatec’s role in the ICT supply chain. The spread of business activities across distribution, integration and consulting provides the Group with multiple entry points to the global market, and acts as a defensive measure against adversity in any one vendor, geography or technology.

ICT supply chain overview

Consulting and research

Analysys Mason
Cloud solutions
& Telcos
Value added resellers
System Integrators
Telcos and Service Providers