2016 – 2020 What do we want to achieve?

To ensure that we deliver against our strategy, we employ highly trained people to provide expert and innovative solutions which we deliver with simplicity. We strive to build long-term relationships with clients in the knowledge that we have to earn the value of trust to create a mutually enriching experience.

Alexander Forbes: strategic intent, 2016 to 2020

Our ambition 2016 to 2020


In pursuing our ambition to build a great company with a R2 020 million profit from operations by 2020 we are guided by our HIGHER PURPOSE, which informs why we exist.

Our 2016 – 2020 ambition is about creating value for our key stakeholders. As explained in the introduction of this report, it should be noted that this ambition statement should not be viewed as a forecast in any way.

  • Clients
    • We commit to SERVE our CLIENTS with positive impact and to secure their financial well-being

    For the client this means:


    Clear timelines

    Regular feedback

    Suitable solution


    I will be heard
    and my query
    dealt with

    I will be told what will happen and
    by when

    I will receive clear and regular feedback

    The solution will be fit for purpose and provide value

    See here for more on our material theme, ‘Providing impactful service to our clients’

  • Employees
    • We seek to create an engaging environment in which all of our EMPLOYEES find personal and professional fulfilment

    Through our employee engagement approach we strive to ensure that our employees can:

    Use their talent to impact positively on people’s lives

    Do work that they enjoy

    Know what success means for them and their team

    Get regular and accurate feedback on their performance

    Be fairly rewarded and developed

    See here for more on our material theme, ‘Ensuring employee engagement’.

  • Society
    • We aim to have a positive and lasting effect on SOCIETY

    Through our creation of social value we strive to ensure that we:

    Contribute meaningfully towards social protection

    Actively practise transformation

    Partner with under-privileged and vulnerable communities – for the long haul

    Share skills and knowledge and build expertise

    See here for more on our material theme, ‘Being a good corporate citizen’.

  • Investors
    • We commit to continually review how we grow our business to create sustainable value for INVESTORS

    We achieve this by addressing:

    Appropriate allocation of resources to realise our strategic intent

    Providing services and products that are ethical and impactful

    Effective risk management and governance

    Being an exemplary corporate citizen and an exceptional employer

    See here for more on our material theme, ‘Ensuring long-term financial integrity’.