Joint review by the Chairman
and Chief Executive Officer

In line with current best practices in integrated
reporting, we decided to combine the usual
Chairman’s and CEO’s reports into an integrated
leadership report. This joint statement enables us
to present an integrated and concise view on
behalf of the Board of Trustees, while eliminating
repetition. Now the reader needn’t page between
two leadership statements to assess our high
level overview of Sentinel Retirement Fund for
the past year, and the one ahead.


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AB la Grange
Chairman of the Board
FJ Visser
Chief Executive Officer

Who we are Sentinel Retirement Fund is one of the largest self-administered pension funds in South Africa. It is structured as a defined contribution pension fund that provides self-insured risk benefits and monthly pensions.

Sentinel Retirement Fund has a proud heritage of providing retirement fund benefits dating back to 1946 when it was first formed as the Mine Officials Pension Fund.

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Socially responsible investing in practice

Key performance highlights