Integrated Annual Report 2014


The successful strategic alignment of the group towards low capital intensive businesses and the simplification of the Specialist Banking business model over the past few years have resulted in a scaleable platform from which the group's businesses can continue to grow

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About the Investec group

We strive to be a distinctive specialist bank and asset manager, driven by commitment to our core philosophies and values

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Our strategic focus

Our strategy

Our strategy for the past 20 years has been to build a diversified portfolio of businesses and geographies to support clients through varying markets and economic cycles. Since inception we have expanded through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

In order to create a meaningful and balanced portfolio we need proper foundations in place which gain traction over time.

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Our current strategic focus is to:
  • Continue to build Asset Management organically by investing and building for the next phase
  • of growth in line with a clear long-term strategy
  • Maintain momentum in the Wealth & Investment business by building critical mass in future growth
  • Improve returns in the Specialist Banking business by continuing to simplify the business and
    grow the business organically
  • Provide an integrated full service solution for our private clients by advancing our strong digital
  • Continue to leverage our extensive client base and attract new clients by extending the breadth and depth of the franchise.

Our operational structure


Operating structure

Investec Limited, which houses our Southern African and Mauritius operations, has been listed in South Africa since 1986

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During July 2002 Investec Group Limited (since renamed Investec Limited) implemented a dual listed companies (DLC) structure and listed its offshore business on the London Stock Exchange.

A circular on the establishment of our DLC structure was issued on 20 June 2002 and is available on our website.

In terms of our DLC structure, Investec Limited is the controlling company of our businesses in Southern Africa and Mauritius, and Investec plc is the controlling company of our non-Southern African businesses.

Our operational footprint

We have built a solid international platform, with diversified revenue stream and geographic diversity.

Investec in total

Operating profit* £451.8 million

Assets £47 142 million

NAV** £2 660.8 million

Permanent employees 7 657

COI^ 67.5% ROE^ 10.1%

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