Subsidiary companies

Eskom Holdings SOC Limited has the following material direct subsidiaries

  • Eskom Enterprises SOC Limited
  • Escap SOC Limited
  • Eskom Finance Company SOC Limited
  • Eskom Development Foundation NPC (see here).

Eskom Enterprises SOC Limited Group


To provide lifecycle support, plant maintenance, network protection and support for the capacity expansion programme for all Eskom Holdings Limited divisions. This is done primarily through two subsidiaries, Rotek Industries SOC Limited and Roshcon SOC Limited.

Operational highlights

  • Supported management of coal supply
  • Rotek Industries responded flexibly to tighten the power station maintenance programme and the maintenance backlog
  • Supported Eskom's road-repair initiative.

Ongoing challenges

  • Reduction in sustained demand for civil construction in the Roshcon environment
  • Sub-optimal utilisation of assets and resources.

Safety performance

Causes of employee lost time injuries (including fatalities)

Management has interpreted the health and safety requirements in a project environment to contextualise and simplify for implementation.

For detailed information about the overall safety strategy and initiative at an Eskom level please refer to the safety section.

Future focus areas

Over the period ahead Eskom Enterprises SOC Limited Group will:
  • Improve safety
  • Reposition Eskom Enterprises' divisional assets into Eskom Holdings
  • Integrate Rotek Industries and Roshcon into a single company producing high-quality products and focused on meeting Eskom's needs cost effectively
  • Continue to implement the Back2Basics programme
  • Manage the final exit from Eskom Energie Manatali concession in Mali.

Shareholder compact of the Eskom Enterprises company with Eskom

Key performance areas Target 2012     Actual 2012     Target achieved  
   Financial measures            
  Operating income   R39 million     R91 million     Yes    
  Gross profit margin   65.01%     67.45%     Yes    
  EBITDA   R108 million     R181 million     Yes    
  Net profit before tax   R87 million     R163 million     Yes    
  Net profit margin (after tax)   4.73%     10.93%     Yes    
  Debtors’ days (12 month moving average)   40 days     79.14 days     No    
  Debtors outstanding >90 days   Rnil     R50 million     No    
  Socio-economic measures               
  Racial equity   68.00%     67.13%     No    
  Gender equity   25.00%     24.06%     No    
  LTIR – employees   0.20     0.17     Yes    
  LTIR – contractors   Nil     Nil     Yes    
  Fatalities – employees   Nil     Nil     Yes    
  Fatalities – contractors   Nil     Nil     Yes    
  B-BBEE accreditation   Maintain     Maintain     Yes    
   Other reversal            
  Eskom telecommunications backbone network availability   99.74%     99.79%     Yes    
  Utilisation of the rotary wing fleet (number of hours used)   3 000     4 709     Yes    
In addition, Eskom Enterprises has entered into separate shareholder compacts with Rotek Industries and Roshcon, its two major subsidiaries.   
Eskom Holdings SOC Limited Integrated Report 2012