Chief executive’s report

Koos Bekker - Chief executive
Koos Bekker - Chief executive


Naspers’s results for the year underscore the benefi ts of its diversifi ed portfolio and global presence.


We link users to media, e-commerce, their friends, advertising, content and means of communication. Our products and services can improve people’s lives in very practical ways. We have already harnessed our core services to offer educational programming, increase accessibility of banking services and grow local industries through our local programming and local language strategy.

We regularly review our progress in building a balanced, sustainable organisation and identifying areas for improvement. The board is ultimately responsible for ensuring that sustainable development is integrated into business strategy. The board delegates implementation of this policy to management, with oversight vesting in the group audit and risk committees. Operationally, sustainable development is incorporated under our risk management processes.


The board is also responsible for the integrity of integrated reporting. The audit committee has been tasked to oversee sustainability issues in the integrated annual report and will assist the board in its review by ensuring the information is reliable and that no conflicts or differences arise when compared to the financial results.


To ensure an integrated and group-wide view of the sustainability aspects of our operations, we are consolidating these into a single platform, In time will harness the group’s strengths in media and technology to build products and advocate for policies that address global challenges.

While this initiative is still young, our vision is that projects will concentrate on addressing social issues and serving the public good. Where practical we will draw on synergies between group businesses to develop solutions to global challenges such as education. We will focus on activities that capitalise on Naspers’s expertise, global infrastructure and ability to innovate.



The Naspers board determines the business strategy and is ultimately responsible for oversight of our group’s performance. Management teams across our businesses provide leadership and implement strategies, guided by the group’s code of ethics and business conduct.

Our sustainable development framework flows from our values and a clear understanding of the key concerns of material stakeholders. These link to our risk management processes, which integrate financial and non-financial risk identification, management and monitoring.


Over the past year the Naspers group continued to expand. In comparison to developed countries, most emerging markets in which we operate survived the global economic downturn reasonably well.

For the year under review Naspers recorded an 18% increase in consolidated revenues to R33bn. Consolidated trading profit advanced 7% to R5,8bn, while core headline earnings grew 13% to R6bn. Our financial performance is analysed in the review. Read financial review

The internet businesses in emerging markets continued their strong growth by introducing accessible, reliable and convenient services to users. As a result consumer trust in transacting on these platforms is increasing. Our pay-television operations grew well, while the technology businessreturned to operational profitability. However, print businesses globally, including our own, lagged due to slower growth in advertising revenues.