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Integrated annual report 2011 to the shareholders of Phuthuma Nathi Investments Limited

MultiChoice South Africa Holdings (Proprietary) Limited
Chief Executive’s Report

Imtiaz Patel Chief executive


MultiChoice continued to deliver a positive contribution to the economy and to society in the various areas where we can make a sustainable difference. As a matter of policy, we only comment on historical trends in the business.

Sustainable development

MultiChoice’s involvement in South Africa goes beyond its core business. Through our corporate social investment, the company actively participates in social transformation. Through technology we enable individuals and communities to help themselves.

MultiChoice continues to play an important part in the community through every aspect of its business. SuperSport has become the prime funder of sport across Africa. M-Net produces a large component of its content locally, stimulating the local production industry and supporting the local economy.

MultiChoice also takes its responsibility to the viewer seriously, encouraging and facilitating parental control on content and delivering content with strong educational value, including issues that affect the environment.

We will continue to focus on being a sustainable for-profit organisation through the commitment, energy and resourcefulness of our people as well as our other stakeholders.

We regularly review our progress in building a balanced, sustainable organisation and identify areas for improvement, while recognising that this process requires regular monitoring.

Beginning with this report, MultiChoice will prepare an integrated annual report recording how the group has affected the social, environmental, economic and financial aspects of the communities in which it operates during the year.

In line with global best practice and the recommendations of King III in South Africa the group will use a combined assurance model to support the integrity of integrated reporting.

Managing sustainability

The board determines the business strategy and is ultimately responsible for oversight of our group’s performance. Management teams across all our businesses provide leadership and implement strategies, guided by the group’s code of ethics and business conduct.

Our sustainable development framework flows from our values (found here) and a clear understanding of the key concerns of material stakeholders. These link to our risk management processes, which integrate financial and non-financial risk identification, management and monitoring.