Integrated Annual Report 2011
Our stakeholders    
  Stakeholder       Stakeholder imperatives      
  • Create relevant and lasting relationships with present and future customers by providing them with appropriate value added product-offerings and solutions to facilitate their household economic upliftment
    Shareholders and funders      
  • Deliver sustainable earnings growth and enhance shareholder value (total shareholder return)
  • Create a positive, supportive and diversity-friendly working environment in which staff can achieve their full potential through challenging work and development opportunities – with the assurance of being recognised and rewarded for excellence in performance
  • Create optimised relationships and ensure that the total supply chain delivers quality experiences and value to the end consumer
    Government and regulators      
  • Obey all laws, regulations and corporate governance rules in countries where the Group operates and seek to engender constructive and healthy relations with all levels of governments and regulators
    Communities and society at large      
  • Be a concerned corporate citizen and grow partnerships as an engaged member of local communities where our stores, warehouses and offices are located through the support of local and selected national sustainable development initiatives

These are discussed in the sustainability report