Company Notes

Notes to the Company Annual Financial Statements
for the year ended 30 June 2011
  Financial instruments        
  Current portion of other non-current financial receivables   7,3     1,5  
  Interest accrued   0,1     3,2  
  Other   0,2     0,5  
  Total financial instruments   7,6     5,2  
  Non-financial instruments        
  Total non-financial instruments – prepayments   0,9     0,3  
  Total receivables and prepayments   8,5     5,5  
  All receivables and prepayments (financial instruments only) are classified as fully performing.  
The credit quality of receivables and prepayments is considered to be satisfactory.  
All receivables and prepayments are non-interest-bearing, except the current portion of other non-current financial receivables that bears interest at a floating rate of the South African prime overdraft rate less 1%. Refer to note 4 for detail.  
The Company holds no collateral over receivables and prepayments, except as disclosed in note 4.  
No amounts were pledged as security for liabilities.  
  Currency analysis of receivables and prepayments (financial instruments only)       
  Rand   7,6     2,9  
  US Dollar   –     2,3  
    7,6     5,2